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Color is one of the essential building blocks for creating works of art, along with line, texture, shame, and a few other elements. Color can change the mood of picture depending on the way it is used, draw the viewer’s eye to certain portion of the whole picture. The step an artist takes to paint canvas may appear random, or simple but the stage of choosing a color is quite purposeful, almost as a science.

The mystery behind the colors which are very meaningful is an enigma in the world of science. The enigma is about how colors can stimulate…

When you hear the word “superhero” what comes to your mind? A person in costume, a malevolent person against a superhero, weary responsibilities that always come along, a invincible person, comic books, fantasy, movies, or just a person that cannot be exist? No matter what comes to your mind, you and I know what a superhero is;

A character in stories or movies who has special powers, such as the ability to fly, that are used for fighting evil or helping people.

The origins of superhero concept goes almost time immemorial in human history. Almost all legends, tales, sagas…


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